An online rpg, Set in a European city. By day human and humanoid creature go about their lives. Night brings the real city life to the fore front. Creatures of all natures fight for control of the city.From back alley deals to straight out war.
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 Available races in Gothica

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Race : Succubus/Werewolf
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PostSubject: Available races in Gothica   Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:53 pm


- Angel

- Succubus
- Incubus

- Vampire
- Dhampir

- Lycan
- Werewolf
- Changling

- Fairies (Non-winged)
- Siren

(One can also play a human or hybrid. If playing a hybrid, please remember you will not get all of both races strength.)


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PostSubject: I'm a human, now what?   Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:04 pm

Right, just because you're human doesn't mean you're at a complete disadvantage. Over the years of watching, waiting and living in fear, humans have sort of evolved and adapted to circumstances.


Quick witted-Over the years some humans have learned to observe a situation that they are in for potentially their own benefit. They are quick to see what others sometimes miss, and are generally more observant on characteristics of others in the scene. This does not mean that you can see something that supernaturals have hidden in a protective shroud based on their abilities.

This concept works well for those who have had a vast amount of education, work in a field dealing with people on a daily basis or also sneaky archtypes as well.


Charisma-This enhanced ability gives off the image that you are generally likable or are able to easily move through different types of groups without being put into too much harm. This does not mean if you have a rival that they will not try and hurt you in some way, it just means that you have a personality that allows supernaturals to see you as something they might want to keep around.

This concept works well with those who are in the public eye or are an entertainer of sorts.


Quicker reflexes
-This ability allows the human holder quicker reflexes, be it their arms or legs (both are possible). This does not mean that you will always be able to slip away from a supernatural being, it just gives you a possible advantage to do so. You have a sort of sleight of hand and your actions generally tend to go unnoticed by supernaturals and almost always go unnoticed by other humans.

This concept works well with sneaky or those who have lived in the unsafer parts of town.

(OOC Note: You can take only one of these abilities per character. Make it known in your sheet and the evolved concept must have ties to their history/background. This does not mean that because I stated physical's ability being good for those who are sneaky or unsafe parts has to use them, (or any ability for that matter) just make sure it makes sense to your character type.)

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Race : Succubus/Werewolf
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PostSubject: Re: Available races in Gothica   Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:57 pm

The Succubus/Incubus of the city are similar to the vampires, with some slight differences.

* They are not undead creatures. Can have children and can not turn humans.

* They do not procreate they way most other creatures do. They can choose to let the physical act of love making to bring forth life or not.

* They live off blood, but unlike a vampire, they need to have their victims in an excited state.

* They have the ability to be uncommonly graceful. Their fighting prowess depends on this gracefulness.

*They have a heightened strength but not to the level of a Were or Vampire

* They have an aura of seduction. This is not something that can be turned off and on. It just is.

* They are not immortal. However they are extremely long live. Its not unheard of for a succubus to live a few thousand years.

*They can go out in the day, but can not stay for a prolonged time. They get sunburns quicker then a human. Sun posioning after a few hours in direct sunlight. Followed by death if not treated.


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PostSubject: Re: Available races in Gothica   Mon Feb 23, 2009 4:00 pm

Loup Garoux/changling

Loup Garoux are not human but changeling wolves that live among humans. This breed of were, is capable of becoming their wolf form in an instant. Though changing into a half breed creature is possible they usually become wolves not were beasts. Born as wolf cubs to human appearing mothers, they are imbued with the oldest of magic’s and are capable of many things.

General Appearance

Most of the changeling race are of normal or larger size. For men that would mean from 5’10’ in height and up. For woman usually around 5’5” and up. Slender though not skinny by any means unless they are starving.

Any color hair is possible, as well as any color eyes.
Any three of the normal physical description part will be needed in any Loup. Loup can be any race or creed or color.

Gifts of the Loup Garoux

Many creatures of magic or curse have other worldly talents. The Loup are the same, though more magical then cursed, said to have been brought to being by the Fae that wished to know more about humans. Here are a few of their inborn powers.

1) Scent is a huge deal for them, they can smell fear, or lust, as well as aggression and most emotions that will emit a scent from the body.

2) At will they are able to change into their wolf self day or night. Though not extremely aggressive like were beasts usually are. It is good way to hide if needed.

3) Physical strength is heighten in human form. Loup’s will move things nearly five times their weight with ease.

4) Stealth of nature, being able to hide in shadows, is something of a gift to them. Though not always totally successful, their rate of success is usually around 80%.

5) Extremely quick reflexes come with a Loup nature as well. So if need be they quite capable of a fight or flight.

Loup Garoux faults

Loup can do many things but some things are just bad for them.

1) Scenting fresh blood will make a young Loup very agitated and hungry.

2) Scenting lust can make about any Loup a little crazy though most can contain it some choose not to.

3) Loup tend to dislike being around harsh scents of any type.

4)If killed Loup return to their wolf forms, though killing one isn’t easy it is possible.

5)Most Loup tend to mate for life, and if their mate is destroyed the Loup remaining will never be the same.

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Location : Hope its not behind you, with you as my target
Race : Succubus/Werewolf
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PostSubject: Re: Available races in Gothica   Mon Feb 23, 2009 4:28 pm

Werewolfs are more like the original creatures.

*They can turn humans and have children

*When turned, they do not have any abilities until their first moon.

*Heightened strength. Werewolf have a brute strength. Most would be fool hearted to go hand to hand with one.

*Their downfall is they can have an out of control rage. To the point logical thinking gets thrown out the window.

*They have uncanny senses. Making it hard to be caught off guard

*Werewolfs born or ones who have been turned for over 20 years can shift at will. The older or longer the Werewolf has been on this earth the easier the shift. Early shifts tend to be painful.

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PostSubject: Re: Available races in Gothica   Wed Feb 25, 2009 2:07 am

The Sirens

- Full blooded Sirens are immortal. To become a full blooded siren, a girl/boy needs to be born from two half-blooded sirens (or two full-blooded).

- Half blooded sirens are half human, half siren. They are born from one full blooded Siren and one human. Half blooded Sirens are mortal, though they still inherit all abilities of a full siren.

The Strengths

- Sirens are very good looking. They harbor a lethal dose of charisma, thus they are very good at seduction, persuasion and rhetoric.

- They have unrivalled musical ability. Most sirens specify in one musical area--they either sing, play wind instruments (flute, etc) or stringed instruments/percussion (piano, lyre, etc). Most can play any instrument, however, and lull an entire room into a false sense of security or desire.

- The Sirens have the ability to shape shift into birds. It is unknown why or how it is possible, though a vague idea is given by Ovid in Metamorphoses:
But strange to tell, Achelous' daughters, the Sirens, were given
the feet and feathers of birds, though they kept the faces of girls.
How so? Perhaps these maidens, renowned for their prowess in singing,
were there with Proserpina while she was picking her springtime flowers.
After they'd searched in vain for their mistress throughout the world,
in order to show the sea how deeply they felt their bereavement,
they prayed for the power to cross the waves on wings for their oars.
The gods were kind, and the suppliants suddenly found that their limbs
were covered with golden plumage. But lest their bequilingly soothing
singing should die and so much musical talent be wasted,
the Sirens retained their maiden faces and human voices.

It is assumed by most Sirens that over the years their ancestors regained their human forms, by whatever means, but retained the ability to shift into birds whenever they so wished.

- Because of their strong affiliation with the ocean, over the years some Sirens have adapted the ability to also shift into mermaids/mermen.


- The Sirens are not fighters. They abhor violence and thus wouldn't suit battle of any kind.

- Because of their watery and earthly origins, the Sirens require far more water than an average human might. They are prone to dehydration.

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PostSubject: Re: Available races in Gothica   Wed Feb 25, 2009 2:37 pm


The Lycan is Bigger and Stronger than their Werewolf Cousins.

Height: 10 - 12

Height: 8 - 9

Weight: range from 500 - 800

Weight: 300 - 650

Strengths: Lycans senses grow stronger with Age. Their sense are multiplied by their Age. Example: A child of four can hear a heart beat.

How to become a Lycan.
Lycans are either born this way or Must be Bitten By a much Older lycans. Say a Mystic. A rare breed of Lycan. Most Lycans past the age of 10 thousand are known to be mystics. Lycans first shift is at the age of 17yrs of age during their first full moon. At the Age 20 they can change anytime they see fit. Like Most Lycans they believe in mates for life. If they loose that mate by death of being killed or of natural causes. Lycans loose their edge of wanting to live. They hunger to die.

Weakness: A stronger form of Silver. Normal silver makes them weak but doesn't kill them. It is best to cut their heads off.
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PostSubject: Re: Available races in Gothica   Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:31 am


In the place in between this world and the next exists the land of the Faerie. Created of myth and magic, they are a race of ethereally beautiful creatures that are not truly part of either world. Male or female, the fae are all tall and sylph like. Incredibly slender and androgynous. Even the shortest of the fae stands at 5'9". While hair color and eye color can be any variety of color found in nature. Their large eyes vary from slightly to very almond in shape, tilting up at the corners. Their ears also vary in shape and size, generally being long, slender and slightly pointed at the top. Most fae will cast a glamor upon themselves to appear more human when walking the mortal realm. Half fae will always carry more of the look of the mortal parent rather than their fae ancestry. Because they are not entirely of any world, they have certain immunities to magic, such as the mind altering states that mages and siren's can cast. While not immortal, a faerie will never die of age.

The Magic

While a faeries most powerful ability will vary from one to the next, they all share certain magics inherent in the race. The ability to communicate telepathically with any of their kind is useful in any situation. Shifting the veils to get from one place to the next quickly is another that all fae share. (NOTE: shifting the veils can NOT be done in the midst of battle) Casting a glamor allows one to appear more human, how ever it cannot completely change ones appearance. It only softens the edges of sharp features and makes hair color appear more natural.


Like all races, the Fae have a light side and a dark, united but not always in agreement, in the Faerie Court of the city. The alignment one chooses will affect the way ones magic works. Create or Destroy? Torture or Heal? The choice is yours to make.

You Can Only Choose ONE sub-class to add to the natural ability of the faerie. Any more and you will be asked to correct it. Please state which sub-class on your character sheet and whether its the light or dark side of the ability.

The Elementalist

Able to enhance the elements, this ability gives one the power to create powerful storms out of rain, tornado's from the wind. If it's cold and cloudy, one could cause snow to fall. Enhancing the elements is draining and takes a long period of recovery, use with care.

Note: The Darkling Fae use this power for destruction while their Light Cousins use it to the benefit of all races.

The Healer

The ability to Heal does not come with out a price. The Fae can draw from the earth energies to heal all but death wounds. This ability drains the caster for several weeks as they are giving the wounded their own life force. This leaves the casting faerie in a weak, nearly defenseless state, opening them up to physical and magical attacks. Use wisely and with caution. You can control the amount of healing. Upon casting this spell, any thing short of a death wound will heal in a matter of moments, leaving no trace behind. It takes more energy to Heal if the victim is not Faerie.

Note: Darkling Fae can use this ability to drain the energy from the earth, rendering small spaces uninhabitable for short periods of time. Unlike the light cousins, this does not cause an energy drain, but rather a boost because they harvest the energy they take. If choosing this ability as a Darkling please note YOU CANNOT HEAL.

The Illusionist

The Illusionist can create life like illusions down to the tiniest detail. Sound, motion, light and shadow. It's impossible to tell an illusion from the real thing unless one strikes at it. The illusion is only limited by the imagination of the one casting it. This ability is the least draining on the Faerie and has an almost instantaneous recovery time. Mere minutes, instead of hours and days.

Note: This is the only ability that is exactly the same for both sides of the Fae race.


The Fae can be wounded as easily as any other with conventional weapons (guns, knives, ect). To utterly incapacitate a Faerie, cold iron is the best. Especially using iron shackles, bullets or arrow heads.
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Available races in Gothica
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