An online rpg, Set in a European city. By day human and humanoid creature go about their lives. Night brings the real city life to the fore front. Creatures of all natures fight for control of the city.From back alley deals to straight out war.
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 Gothica, the City in Turmoil

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Gothica, the City in Turmoil Empty
PostSubject: Gothica, the City in Turmoil   Gothica, the City in Turmoil Icon_minitimeTue Nov 03, 2009 10:56 pm

A large isolated city surrounded on all sides by vast wastelands stand as home to what is left of the creatures of the world. Few can, and could, survive in the wastelands, but many find and make their home here in Gothica.

Seemingly peaceful during the day with only those that can bare the sun walking the streets, but what exactly is going on with those that find their shelters in the shadows is still left to be seen.

Come night fall, creatures that dare not grace the day with their presence come “alive.” They roam the streets for many reasons, some just to feed, others to hatch their evil schemes to take control of the city, and even a few that come out just to have a good time.

However, regardless of the time of day, the city is in constant turmoil. On going battles wreak havoc on the city and those that call Gothica home. Some fight to keep the current Lycan Lord, Genocide, in his place as leader, some fight only for their own means, but there are those that fight to see the Lycan Lord fall….

Which side will you take?
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Gothica, the City in Turmoil
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