An online rpg, Set in a European city. By day human and humanoid creature go about their lives. Night brings the real city life to the fore front. Creatures of all natures fight for control of the city.From back alley deals to straight out war.
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 Revamping Gothica

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Revamping Gothica Empty
PostSubject: Revamping Gothica   Revamping Gothica Icon_minitimeMon Nov 02, 2009 11:40 pm

To all that roam this site, it comes a time to make a site much more larger than Life. I and a friend of mine plan to revamp Gothica, and give it a true story. Some may get mad, some may like what they see. But I am trying to make this site large and give it more depth. So for now no Posting until I have my friend announce posting can begin.

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Revamping Gothica
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