An online rpg, Set in a European city. By day human and humanoid creature go about their lives. Night brings the real city life to the fore front. Creatures of all natures fight for control of the city.From back alley deals to straight out war.
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PostSubject: Revolution   Revolution Icon_minitimeTue Nov 03, 2009 10:41 pm

Thirty-thousand years ago, the Lycan Lord, Slade, formed an army of Lycans that was ten thousand strong and growing stronger by the day. The humans must be exterminated at any cost. That one line was the driving force behind their onslaught on the human race. The ten thousand strong left their home, their city, Gothica, to lay waste to the outside world, to force the human race to the brink of extinction.

The Lycan army, those ten-thousand strong marched onward, unshifted and unchallenged. Their leader led them onward on their conquest, through every battle, with one phrase always on his mind, and one last image of the one he left behind. They moved forward on their journey, laying waste the every city, every town, every army that faced them failed to destroy them. Honorable men lost their courage, begged for their lives, their honor stripped away from them without mercy as the ten-thousand strong carved their way through every country.

Their brave leader, that noble hunter, Slade, fell after years of fighting, ravaging the land, and laying waste to the world. The night he fell the only sound in their home city, their not so sacred land, was the lone cry of an infant child. What was left of the army was beckoned home, the body of their fallen leader was carried back by what was left of those ten-thousand Lycans. Their hearts seemed to weigh a ton with the memories of their fallen comrades, but mainly of their fallen leader.

His dead body seemed to weigh a ton, and seemed to only grow heavier with every passing day as they approached the city from the north. Those left in the city all those years ago gathered at the northern limits, watching for their return. Come sunrise they saw them on the horizon, but to their surprise, the numbers had dropped drastically to only a handful were left.

A loud cry echoed through the brisk morning air, accompanied by several other sobs and silent cries as they watched the handful of brave warriors bury their deceased leader. Many believed that Slade’s bloodline, his family, had been vanquished when he fell, but one woman, the mother of a small girl, the last living member of Slade’s lineage.

The small little girl, Seraph, practically grew up without a mother. Her mother, Caroline, had been driven into a deep depression once she realized it was her mate, the original Lycan Lord, that had been buried in the Northern Wastelands. Driven to the brink of death by her own broken heart, Caroline finally gave up the battle before her daughter’s eyes.

Years passed and Seraph grew into a respectable woman, the only female Lycan leader the city had known. It was up to her and whoever she chose to keep Slade’s bloodline alive and well within the city walls.

A small boy was born to her and her mate, Saber. The child was strong and healthy the day he was born and Seraph knew that her father’s line would live on. However, Seraph soon fell ill and perished from the disease that had struck her leaving Saber to raise the boy.

The boy went by many names, most of which were nicknames given to him by his friends and family, his birth name had been lost amongst them. He found his mate by time he was eighteen. She was a beautiful woman, strong and bold, and as fearless as a warrior should be, her name, that she went by then, was Cyan.

The two soon found themselves faced with a difficult decision. Before them they had very few options, among them were: keep the child even though they were still children themselves, or get rid of that precious life. Neither could decide, both options meant so much would be lost and or gained.

They knew how much that life meant to the bloodline and chose to keep the child. The day of the birth arrived all too soon for Cyan, but the son was born on a sad day. Saber had passed the night before, along with Cyan’s mate, or so everyone believed. This one child would mean the difference between extinction of a bloodline and of its survival.

The castle the boy was to be born in grew quiet. The only sound in the castle was that of Cyan’s breathing. Finally, it fell into complete silence until the loud cries of a child echoed through the halls. Cyan whispered his name “Genocide..”

Now, in the year 2030, Genocide serves at the Lycan Lord of Gothica. However, there are creatures that wish otherwise and will stop at anything to get rid of the male. Constant battles for control of the city wage on. Each creature has paths that they can take. It’s more than just good vs. evil here. Here, those that roam the city are left in charge of their own destiny.
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