An online rpg, Set in a European city. By day human and humanoid creature go about their lives. Night brings the real city life to the fore front. Creatures of all natures fight for control of the city.From back alley deals to straight out war.
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 Dhampir Vampires Emerge

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PostSubject: Dhampir Vampires Emerge   Dhampir Vampires Emerge Icon_minitimeSun Jul 12, 2009 12:53 pm

Dhampirs mate for life. This is because males and females are different in nature; while the females are filled with compassion and light, the males are filled with an inner darkness, capable of great violence. After 200 years, a male Dhampir loses the ability to feel emotions, sexual desire and see in color. As a result, the darkness slowly spreads and consumes their souls. At this time, the only thing they feel is the thrill when they are about to make a kill. The only way they are returned to them is when a male finds his lifemate, the "light" to his darkness, the other half of his soul. Once lifemates find one another, the male recites the bonding words. Once this is done, it cannot be undone. They must touch minds and share their bodies often. In other regions the child is named "Vampir" if a boy and "Vampiresa" if a girl, or "Dhampir" if a boy and "Dhampiresa" if a girl.

Dhampirs are extremely attractive and alluring, and most are tall, dark-haired and dark-eyed. Most Dhampirs are rather lean, but some are noted to be rather broad and muscular, which is uncommon.
A female Dhampir (Dhampiresa) is tall and slender, voluptuous and seductive, though innocent of it. They usually have beautiful pale skin, and long black hair. The natural born ones, anyway. A human made into a Dhampir will remain looking the way they are, but more alluring. Dhampirs also lack a shadow. Dhampirs are the making of a human and Vampire.

Vampire Hunting Methods
Among all Balkan peoples it is believed that the child of a vampire has a special ability to see and destroy vampires. Among some groups, the ability to see vampires is considered exclusive to dhampirs. The powers of a dhampir may be inherited by the dhampir's offspring. Various means of killing or driving away vampires are recognized among peoples of the region, but the dhampir is seen as the chief agent for dealing with vampires. Methods by which a dhampir kills a vampire include shooting the vampire with a bullet, transfixing it with a hawthorn stake, and performing a ceremony that involves touching "crowns" of lead to the vampire's grave. However, dhampirs are not invincible. If the dhampir cannot defeat a vampire,it may result in the dhampir losing his or her life.

A dhampir is always paid well for his services. The amount of money varies, but there is never haggling over the price. Standard pay for a dhampir may also include a meal or a suit of clothing. Sometimes a dhampir is paid in cattle, jewelry or women.

Powers Inherited
Dhampirs live many times longer than humans. The maximum lifespan is unknown, but several have lived to the age of 2000 years. In addition to living longer than humans, Dhampirs age much more slowly. In their childhood, they age roughly at the same rate as humans. Once they reach physical adulthood, their aging process slows dramatically, and they maintain their physical peaks for centuries.
All Dhampirs have the gift of telepathy, the ability to speak “mind to mind” to one another. This telepathic ability can cover vast distances, even across oceans. Once two Dhampirs have exchanged blood, they can communicate with one another without anyone else hearing them. Lifemates use this ability to strengthen their bond with one another. They use this ability to call humans to them in order to feed. Vampires often plant compulsions, compelling humans to commit awful acts, including murder. In addition, they have the gift to communicate with animals.
All Dhampirs can heal them selves by laying in good soil of the earth.
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Dhampir Vampires Emerge
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