An online rpg, Set in a European city. By day human and humanoid creature go about their lives. Night brings the real city life to the fore front. Creatures of all natures fight for control of the city.From back alley deals to straight out war.
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 Annoyed To a Degree... Revamping The Character Area.

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PostSubject: Annoyed To a Degree... Revamping The Character Area.   Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:36 pm

Not In the best of Fucking moods... So do me a favor to all people that play this game. Or to those that come on their free will or make Alts. To those that decide to make them. They must be different, NO Matter what. If you make 5 alts they must be different, and before they come forth posting they must have a C.S (character Sheet). There will be a revamping of all the creatures you can Play. Some new ones will be added. ENJOY!!! NOW LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!
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Annoyed To a Degree... Revamping The Character Area.
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